At Teleste we are proud of the quality of our products, services, and operation and we believe that the high quality is the key to fulfil our customers’ expectations and that high quality supports their long-term revenue and profitability targets. We value long-term relationships and collaborative continuous improvement with our customers and suppliers.

We believe that the most important aspects of quality are:

  • Product performance and features
  • Product reliability, usability and serviceability
  • Delivery accuracy and short lead time
  • Effective and efficient customer support
  • Conformance with statutory and regulatory requirements and standards

Our quality work is guided by our quality policy. We have summarised the key principles of our quality work to this webpage.

Our professionals ensuring the quality

To ensure that our professionals globally are aware of the quality principles and practices we continuously train our people on quality topics. The quality system and related processes are reviewed periodically to ensure that they are effective and serve their purpose in the best way. Our performance is also evaluated by the management team against the set targets.

Preventive quality work

We believe in preventive quality work and value well-working end-to-end process and avoid partial optimatisation. Quality incidents are resolved to avoid reoccurence.

High performing carefully tested products

All our products and solutions are tested and validated before releasing them to manufacturing. We test our products before they are delivered to the customers. Our suppliers are also evaluated carefully to ensure their alignment with Teleste quality aspects. They are also asked to commit to Teleste Supplier code of conduct.

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